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We provide air conditioning service and repair and install new air conditioning equipment for commercial customers throughout Northeast Florida. Call us today to find out why so many businesses count on Taylor Refrigeration for all of their heating and air conditioning needs.

Making sure your business is comfortable and inviting for your customers and employees is our specialty at Taylor Refrigeration. To make sure we are ready to help when you need us, our technicians are continually trained to the industry's latest standards, very experienced, and arrive completely equipped to install, service and repair a variety of equipment. At Taylor Refrigeration & AC, we provide customers with cost effective solutions for any air conditioning, ventilation, heating or backup power requirement for your business.

In business, a failing HVAC system or refrigeration equipment is more than uncomfortable. Not offering a comfortable environment to employees and customers can lead to losses in productivity and a poor experience for your customers. And failing refrigeration equipment can lead to huge potential losses of refrigerated or frozen inventory.

For urgent HVAC or Refrigeration service and repair requirements, your business can count on our experience for timely and cost effective HVAC service and repair in St. Augustine and other areas in Northeast Florida.

New or Replacement Refrigerated Equipment & AC Systems

We not only service all refrigeration equipment, we can provide new refrigeration equipment. Ask us about new commercial high volume ice machines, commercial coolers and freezers, and ventilation and exhaust systems.

Commercial HVAC Service & Maintenance Agreements

If your commercial HVAC system, refrigeration equipment or any other heating and cooling system is mission critical to your business, a commercial HVAC service and maintenance agreement is the best way to avoid system downtime. We create a program consisting of regularly scheduled check ups designed to keep your HVAC system and refrigeration equipment performing at peak efficiency. Avoid surprises and costly downtime with an HVAC services and maintenance agreement from Taylor Refrigeration and AC.

Why Getting an Ice Machine is A Good Investment for Commercial Properties

Just like what its name suggests, an ice maker is a device that creates ice. It can be found inside a home freezer, a stand-alone appliance, or an industrial built machine – for catering a larger scale of people. Typically, most homeowners only use this part of their refrigerator whenever they need to cool their favorite drink or stock up their cooler, if ever they need to transport something that has to be constantly chilled. For bigger establishments like restaurants, however, this machine is a must-have if they want to give their customers the perfect restaurant experience.

Keeping their drinks nice and cool is just one of those standard protocols restaurant owners need to remember, when it comes to serving their customers. Receiving good service and food is part of the dining experience, and if the restaurant cannot deliver that, it will reflect badly on their status. To keep up with the number of people wanting to be served, they need a machine that can handle that amount of traffic – and that is where the ice machine comes in.

You might think that having an ice machine might be too costly, but if you put yourself in the perspective of an owner of a commercialized property, this machine might just be your saving grace. Yes, it is true that establishments such as these can keep ordering ice from ice companies, but, in the long run, this method is expensive and more time consuming. If they decide to purchase an ice machine, however, they would not need to order nor wait for the ice to be delivered, because they are now capable of producing their own.

Why You Need a Cooler and Freezer in Your Commercial Properties

Be it meat, vegetables, fruits, or perishable, establishments like restaurants, meat shops, and schools, need a place to store these items. However, the common wooden shelf or metal lockers would simply not do. In cases like these, there is only one place to keep these goods from decaying or melting any faster, and that is a cooler or freezer.

Dining out has gone from the occasional treat to a staple for most individuals and families. Restaurants are around every corner, so it's essential to make sure you have adequate refrigerated storage space that keeps foods at optimal temperatures to ensure you can meet customer demand. Taylor Refrigeration is the expert at helping you select the right size and models for your needs and space. When it comes to serving fresh or perishable goods, restaurants always have to strive to keep food at the optimal temperatures. Your establishment can ensure that whether it's chopped, cooked, or frozen, the food is safe to serve and consume.

The atmosphere of your restaurant will help define your client’s overall dining experience. People enjoy eating in a pleasant environment, so you have to make sure that the temperature in your restaurant is at an agreeable level. To provide the right atmosphere, you should have equipment that can help you achieve the perfect climate. But even if your heating and cooling systems are top-of-the-line, they will eventually require maintenance and repairs.

Your heaters and AC units can start leaking from overuse. Once these machines stop running, your restaurant’s atmosphere is ruined. Diners will no longer feel comfortable in your establishment, so they will choose to dine elsewhere. Having faulty equipment is bad for business, so it is best that you contact Taylor Refrigeration and Air Conditioning to keep your cooling and heating units in tiptop condition.
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