In warm climates, most homes have air conditioning. Some consider it a luxury, but for many, an air conditioner is necessary to feel cool and comfortable. Taylor Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. is your one-stop dealer for your home or commercial air conditioning services in St Augustine – maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Proper air conditioning has many benefits, including efficiency, productivity, and well-being of workers in office buildings, and families in their homes; better health in the form of breathing fresh air; and reduced noise (not having the excessive noise of outdoor activities affecting inhabitants of the building).

When the summer heat hits in Florida, it’s important to have a team you trust as your HVAC company in St. Augustine, FL. You need your system maintained at least once a year to stay at its best during the heat of summer, and a professional repair expert on call for repairs. When it’s time for a new system, you need clear explanations of the latest technology and comparisons to help you choose. This and more are available from your AC company, Taylor Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc., providers of over 70 years of trusted HVAC service in St. Augustine. After boating, pool time, and beach adventures come home to the wonderful, reliable cool we provide!